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La Porte McDonald's Reinvests in Employees

Remodeling a building can do wonders for a business being fresh and new. Remodeling, or reinvesting, in business employees is just as important when it comes to making investments to create the perfect, finished product, especially for a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s.

The McDonald’s in La Porte has recently been under construction to reinvest into what the building brings to the La Porte community and to continue further growing what they have to offer as an employer.

Part of the store’s reinvestment on behalf of the La Porte employer has been providing better opportunities for their employees. This is the second consecutive year now that the McDonald’s has kept the philosophy of improving team member benefits, understanding that how they take care of their employees impacts how the employees, therefore, will take care of their customers.

Reinvesting into McDonald’s employees in ways such as making massive improvements in pay scales and benefits can be accredited to why the team is at where they are at today. With advancements like these, the cycle of compensation effects on production continues and only further leads to higher level pay and even better benefits.

This McDonald’s believes that the way to succeed is to do just that, by focusing on being the best employer possible for workers in the Region, and not by focusing on just competition. The more that’s invested into employees, the more employees are likely to produce excellent and efficient customer service. Employees at the store are treated like family and they continue to learn and advance from mistakes all the time.

The store is excited to open its doors to customers, new and returning, and show the community the entire new, state of the art building, including every upgrade that was available to them as an option. There are even new service platforms that will be available for customers to experience as soon as they open too! The McDonald’s building is set to reopen in early to mid-March, and the store promises to hold an event until there isn’t a foot of snow outside, which they’re hoping to do in April sometime.

McDonald’s in La Porte hopes to attract like-minded people that agree with their philosophy on business and strives to bring reinvention to the community. To learn more about McDonald’s employment, visit

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