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Purdue Federal Credit Union Offers Expansive ATM Access Wherever Members Go

If you’ve ever been travelling for work or leisure and needed to get out some cash, which is a must some days even in 2017, then banking with a financial institution with a large network of ATM’s can really pay off. With Purdue Federal Credit Union, that’s exactly what they try to provide for their members, wherever they might be.

The CO-OP ATM network they are a part of operates nearly 30,000 ATM’s across the country. Not only is it the largest credit union-owned ATM network in the country, but those ATMs are surcharge-free, meaning that members of Purdue Federal can travel to more locations than most without fear of overreaching surcharges every time they withdraw their money.

Members of Purdue Federal can consider the days of wandering for an ATM numbered, as CO-OP ATM network locations can be found not just in credit union branches, but in supermarkets, 7-Eleven stores and freestanding locations everywhere.

Even should you find yourself in front of an ATM that isn’t part of the CO-OP ATM network and you happen to need money as soon as possible, regardless of the surcharge, members can use their Purdue Federal ATM card at ATMs worldwide, as CO-OP has links to NYCE, STAR, Cirrus, Pulse and Plus.

So, if you’re looking for a better experience with a dedicated financial institution, Purdue Federal has set up a network that will ensure you can find an ATM wherever you are and that you won’t be charged if the ATM is in its expansive CO-OP network. Some banks and institutions nickel and dime their customers simply to withdraw their own cash, but Purdue Federal has designed a network that only benefits its members and doesn’t seek to make a profit off their withdrawals.

What’s more, Purdue Federal has a system set up for the ultimate convenience. If you are looking for a surcharge-free ATM, simply text your location to 91989, and you will receive the location of the nearest CO-OP network ATM!

Credit unions and the ATM network they support are owned by members, so you reap the benefits of the convenience and free access they provide!

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