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The Cost to Build a House


Building a home is a great undertaking, and the joy of living in your dream house is worth the work involved. To begin to prepare financially you must understand the cost to build a house. Here are five strategies for determining the cost to build a house:

1. Research the cost to build a house

Talking with both a custom homebuilder and production builder can give you a better idea of the total cost to build a house. Generally, custom homebuilders tend to offer more options and features, and this comes with a bigger price tag. Both builders may offer abnormal home shapes, but unique homes require more materials and labor, and are therefore more expensive to build.

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What is Included in Closing Costs

closing-costsYou submitted your mortgage application and received a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) listing the charges, or closing costs, that you will incur at settlement. As a first time homebuyer, you may have some questions about the fees you have to pay – where did these charges come from, and what is included in closing costs?

Closing Costs include fees from your lender and third party service providers and are usually 3 to 5 percent of the price of your home. To help you better understand what you’ll pay, we’ve outlined the main fees associated with closing costs:

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Moving Tips To Make The Change Easier

Ahh moving...the very word makes me cringe. I am one of those who likes to hold on to just about everything I own, "in case I need it someday." So when it comes time for me to move, I shudder at the thought of packing, lifting, shoving, pulling, pushing, cramming, and relocating all of my "oh so necessary" things. However, as monumental as moving is for me, it has taught me some very important lessons.moving-boxes

1. Holding on to boxes is not crazy.

I am notorious for keeping boxes that things like my crock pot, my TV, and my toaster came in. Most people throw them out and rightly so, they do take up...

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