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Northwest Indiana McDonald's Owners-Operators Launching Local Facebook Pages for Your Favorite Locations

In mid-January, 2017, Northwest Indiana McDonald's Owners/Operators (NIMO) launched a collection of Facebook pages for each of their 46 locations, designed to create a community connection with restaurant-goers, and help get the word out about all the positive causes each location involves itself with.

"NIMO believes that this is imperative to connecting with Northwest Indiana and ensuring everyone knows the commitment local Owner/Operators have to their communities, their customers and their products," explained McDonald's Owner/Operator's Bob Mazzaro.

So what can you, as a Facebook fan, expect to see on these pages? A little of everything. Northwest Indiana-specific information will definitely be included on the pages, individualized news from specific restaurants will definitely be included, and there may be some localized promotions as well.

"NIMO Owner/Operators are local residents just like their customers, and they believe that a personal touch goes a long way," continued Bob Mazzaro. "At the same time, McDonald's restaurants employs dozens of local residents, support numerous cases and organize local events that the community should know about."

The pages went live on January 17, 2017 - find your favorite locations below to "Like" and follow for the latest updates!

Porter County (9)
McDonald's at 2150 Morthland Dr
McDonald's at 2002 Calumet Ave
McDonald's at 2610 La Porte Ave

McDonald's at 6075 Ushy 6
McDonald's at 6120 Central Ave
McDonald's Ameriplex
McDonald's at 364 W Ushy 6

McDonald's at 480 Indian Boundary Line Rd

Burns Harbor
McDonald's at 243 Melton Road

La Porte County (6)
McDonald's at 800 N Flynn Rd

La Porte
McDonald's at 164 Pine Lake Rd
McDonald's at 200 Boyd

Michigan City
McDonald's at 3507 S Franklin
McDonald's at 2404 E Michigan Blvd
McDonald's at 5816 S Franklin St

Lake County (23)
McDonald's at 515 Ridge Rd

McDonald's at Calumet Ave & Chicago Ave
McDonald's at 6437 Columbia Ave
McDonald's at 7420 Kennedy
McDonald's at 3639 169Th St

McDonald's at 9117 Indianapolis Blvd
McDonald's at 3904 Ridge Road

McDonald's at 7915 E Ridge Rd, Hobart, IN

McDonald's at 1822 Indianapolis Blvd

East Chicago
McDonald's at 4745 Indianapolis Blvd
McDonald's at 1811 E Columbus Dr

Crown Point
McDonald's at 135 N Main St
McDonald's at 10885 Randolph

McDonald's at 1939 E 80Th Avenue (Ds 607)
McDonald's at 6093 Broadway
McDonald's at 6100 Mississippi St (I-65)
McDonald's at 2900 W 81St Ave

McDonald's at 3520 Grant St
McDonald's at 1527 W 5Th Ave
McDonald's at 761 S Lake St

McDonald's at 1855 Ushy 41

Cedar Lake
McDonald's at 13312 Wicker Ave

McDonald's at 1705 E Commercial

McDonald's at 915 Joliet Road

Jasper County (4)
De Motte
McDonald's at 338 N Halleck

McDonald's at 4255 Ushy 24 W

McDonald's at 8834 W State Rd 114
McDonald's at 819 S College Dr

Newtown County (1)
McDonald's at 104 N 7Th St


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