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Surf Air Wireless: Riding the Internet Wave Throughout Northwest Indiana

You grab your laptop and sit on the couch. Netflix pops up on the television screen, as a Facebook Message dings on your phone. Technology waves flow around the room every minute of every day and the internet is an essential service in our modern, hyper-connected society and one that has become a staple in our lives.

The experts at Surf Air Wireless understand the need and reliance for the internet for both the home surfing-the-net-fun and at work. That is why the La Porte County-based team takes pride in offering reliable and fast internet services plus dedicated customer service to their growing number of customers.

“Customer support has become one of the most important factors at our company. Internet is so vital in our society today. We have to be willing to go above and beyond meeting the needs of our customers," said Ben Boggs, ‎Business Development and Marketing Manager of Surf Air Wireless. "We want to provide an exceptional user-experience, be responsive, and helpful on any questions."

The company, located at 1305 Pine Lake Road. in La Porte, has grown to expand their provided services, expanded their own team, as well as grown the area of service, now covering more than 2,000 square miles of land.

The Surf Air Wireless team places their biggest emphasis on providing the best experience for their customers. The company offers internet, phone, and home security services and have upgraded their plans to include unlimited data, rather than having a data cap. They have no introductory rates or contracts and also offer a 30-day guarantee after purchase. A plan like the Beachcomber is an example of a low-priced option with a price of $44.95, but for customers who require more data, they can upgrade or choose the unlimited Surf's Up Plan, for $79.95.

“We realize that as technology continues to develop, more and more data will be used,” Boggs said.


Technology has developed into the trend of streaming, an option of watching television shows without having a cable setup. Surf Air Wireless dos not offer the traditional cable TV service. However, with the ability to quickly download shows from Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and HBO Go, more and more people are finding themselves content with just having an internet service.

In this constant ebb and flow of technology, people demand a smooth ride. They want fast, better quality, and the ability to access their specific content with one finger, while texting with the other. It is a world of multi-taskers, but Surf Air Wireless remains chill with the pressure.

The team is now up to 45 employees and is still growing. Surf Air Wireless merged with Maple Net Wireless out of Elkhart in 2016 and acquired the Goshen-based Copper Wireless and Coates Systems in Elkhart early this year.

“These two acquisitions have helped expand our services to Elkhart County, but also invest more resources in La Porte County and our other coverage areas,” Boggs said. “We feel that we have a competitive product for both rural and urban areas, but because of our unique technology, we are often able to serve areas that may not currently have reliable Internet.”

According to Boggs, customer service is how Surf Air Wireless differentiates itself from other companies and that does not include just being available when the Internet lines go down.

“Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for someone to become a customer,” he said. “Part of making our sign-up process be as easy as possible is being completely honest and upfront about our service, how it works, and what your total price will be. We truly feel that our customers appreciate the transparency and build trust in us as their Internet Service Provider.”

Surf Air Wireless relies on word-of-mouth as well as trying to become a well-known name in the La Porte County community. The company is a Maple City Grand Prix boat race sponsor and a vendor at the La Porte Sunflower fair. They also offer a refer-a-friend promotion, which has produced some “great early results,” Boggs said. As always though, there is room to grow.


The new staff members were added to the field technician team, and of course, the customer service team.

“We want to be able to continually invest in our network to stay competitive and offer the best possible service,” he said. “We absolutely love being stationed in La Porte. It is a great community and we hope to further improve our services!”

So, hop on board and catch the internet wave with Surf Air Wireless. To learn more about their services and see the company’s hours click here.

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