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American Legion Hosts Oratorical Contest

The American Legion Oratorical Contest was dedicated to helping students learn about the Constitution, and then expressing what they learn by speaking on it in the oratorical contest. It also tried to inform the underclassmen about the American Legion Boys & Girls state program, which is for juniors, and as a former boys state participant I remember boys state being very close to the real thing in terms of being in office and any kind of leadership verily.

"A program in which the youth has an opportunity to learn about the United States," Alternate National Executive Committee Man Paul Steward said. "It's about history, your explaining and selling the information that you receive. The program is to teach you about our government and the laws that govern us.”

"All of the research, as you express yourself and the knowledge as your presenting takes you to that next level,” Steward said.


"Boys & Girls state will help you with you first job interview," 3rd District Oratorical Chairman Jim Hewitt said.

Hewitt said the program "tries to teach young people about the rights and privileges. Everybody knows they have freedoms but what they don't know is they have duties according to the constitution.”


"Everybody can be whatever they want, we have freedom of religion, but we always talk about the 3 R's: Respect others, respect yourself and be responsible for your actions,” Hewitt said. “Part of our responsibility is helping everybody around us we are the United States. Last year we only had one person participating at the high school and she reaped the benefits.”

The Legion is just fully dedicated to helping the youth carry the torch, they are proud to be able to have these programs and at the end of the day there is not one legionnaire whose heart is not warmed by the participation of the youth. May America look upon such grace and great leadership.

For more photos from the event, follow this link!

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