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Sand Creek Country Club Hosts Annual Easter Egg Festival

On a sunny, warm morning, Sand Creek Country Club in Chesterton hosted their annual Easter Egg Festival. The event included a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt in the club’s Clock Tower Garden, a delicious lunch, and wonderful memories made for the families of Sand Creek Country Club.

Under a blue sky, children of all ages, dressed in beautiful dresses and suits, found eggs hidden in flowers and between the branches of green bushes. Everyone stood together in their assigned age groups: toddlers would find lots of eggs very close together on a flat part of the golf course, while older kids, divided into three sections in the garden, ventured out to find well-hidden eggs.

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“We have over 1200 eggs and loose candy for the smaller kids,” said Kenny Furness, Food and Beverage Operator for the club. “Sand Creek hosts this event as a chance to celebrate Easter with our members that have Easter Sunday kind of full.”

Sand Creek Country Club holds many events throughout the year to bring families together.

“This is a great chance for the kids to come out and be on the golf course for the first time this season. It’s a chance to introduce them all to the clock garden and start teaching them about traditions in golf and family values,” Furness said. “We love reminding the families that that’s what we’re really about. Setting this up is always a wonderful adventure, and watching the kids have so much fun is always a great time.”

The families at the Easter Egg Hunt gathered together, taking photos and catching up. Their children played together as they were on the hunt for eggs, candy, and sweets.

“We enjoy coming to the activities Sand Creek hosts. We always love their activities for kids, said Laura Rurode, a member. “They organize the egg hunt in such a way that the little kids get a chance to find eggs, and there are opportunities for our older son to find eggs as well.”

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Luca Bombacino, whose family is a member of Sand Creek Country Club, participated in the egg hunt and had a great time.

“I found a whole bunch of tootsie rolls!” Luca said. “My favorite part is running around and playing with my friends.”

Luca’s mother, Julie Bombacino, enjoys the annual event as well and always looks forward to participating every year with her family.

“It’s a great tradition!” she said.

After the Easter egg Hunt, lunch was provided inside, where kids could eat at a pizza buffet while the adults enjoyed their own buffet. A decoration table was set up to let kids unleash their creativity with Easter themed crafts. Children received baskets filled with pinwheels, stuffed rabbits, balloons, and candy as well.

The festival’s last event for families and their children was a photo with the Easter Bunny in front of a pretty backdrop. The families had a great time taking photos of their children with the Easter Bunny and making lasting memories.

On Easter Sunday, Sand Creek will host an Easter Brunch for members and their families from 11 am to 2 pm. There will be professional photos with the Easter Bunny after brunch.

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