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La Porte Eatery Breaks World Record for Longest BLT

The theme of the week for La Porte’s Brad Hindsley and his eatery Spire Farm-to-Fork Cuisine was bacon. There was no better way to top off Bacon Week, Feb. 4-10, than to construct the world’s longest BLT. That’s right, Hindsley along with local volunteers came together on Feb. 10 to a construct a BLT fit to break the previous world record of 308 feet, 6 inches long. Such an epic task required a legion of volunteers, and the turnout was astounding. Roughly 80 community members showed up to conquer the feat.

“The turnout is overwhelming. It feels great,” Hindsley said.

The sandwich was completed in a divide-and-conquer fashion, and was completed much faster than the expected two hours. The volunteers first watched a demonstration by Hindsley, then divided into teams: bacon team, lettuce team, garlic aioli team and tomato jam team. Once divided, the gloves were slipped on and the volunteers got to work; in exactly thirty minutes the monstrosity was completed.

Volunteer Ben Huff described the opportunity to construct the BLT and help the community as “Bacontastic!”

The purpose of the record-breaking sandwich was two-fold. First was Hindsley’s “love of bacon,” which inspired the occasion, and second was the opportunity to reach out to the community. Proceeds from the event, accumulated through raffle ticket sales and a $5 charge for a piece of the completed work, were donated to three local organizations: La Porte Salvation Army, NewDay Foundation and Lindsey O’Brien Kesling Wishing Tree Foundation.

“I’m excited to help the community, break a world record and eat some bacon,” volunteer Katie Dermody said.

After the assembly line stopped and the sandwich was assembled, volunteers took a moment to enjoy their work, their friends and BaconSpired Ale. Before the team could truly celebrate, the sandwich had to be measured. The BLT measured in at 364 feet, 2 inches long and will be added to Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest BLT.

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Moments after learning of the success Hindsley said, “I am so relieved. This was an unbelievable experience and could not have gone any better.”

Still, the BLT had to be taste-tested by volunteers for $5 apiece. This was no ordinary BLT and was constructed in true Spire Farm-to-Fork fashion. The candied bacon, spinach, garlic aioli and tomato jam made for an unconventional BLT that made the taste-buds tingle.

“It tastes very good,” volunteer Taylor Thompson said after taking her first bite. “It is sweet with a little kick. Also, it tastes even better knowing that I helped make it.”

The BLT was put together with a little help from local businesses. Event sponsors were Auturo’s Baked Goods (bread supplier), Chef’s Garden and Firm 17 (lettuce sponsors), David Crock (bacon sponsor), Kolossos Inc. (garlic aioli sauce sponsor), La Porte Savings Bank (tomato jam sponsor), PM Fabricating, Rhino Media Productions, Michael Kessler and Val’s Custom Cakes.

Overall Spire Farm-to-Fork’s bacon week was a success. The restaurant featured bacon in nearly all of their entrees throughout the week and even developed a maple bacon-flavored beer in conjunction with Back Road Brewery.

“Bacon Week went very well,” Kathy Hindsley said. “It was overwhelming but definitely a success. Many people have told me they wish it would last more than a week.”

Eager Spire Farm-to-Fork enthusiasts may not have to wait long for another treat. When asked if he had any other big plans in the works, Hindsley confessed, “We always have big projects planned. There is a lot up our sleeves, and we certainly like to stay busy.”

Spire Farm-to-Fork is a new restaurant in La Porte dedicated to creating delectable dishes from scratch with ingredients only provided by local farms. The restaurant is located at 299 W. Johnson Road in La Porte.

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