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Horseshoe Casino Hammond Made Easter Extra Special for Children at the Carmelite Home

For the second year in a row, Horseshoe Casino Hammond partnered with St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home in East Chicago to give the children of Carmelite an incredible Easter experience.

After reaching out to Carmelite, the team at Horseshoe were given a list of the children's ages and needs, and the altruistic nature of Horseshoe employees took over from there! The way that Horseshoe personnel got involved is not without creativity, though.

In the employee breakroom at Horseshoe Casino, there’s a wall which serves as a, sort of, ‘Giving Tree’ where Easter eggs, with the items needed to fill up Easter baskets written on them, were hung for people to take. Those who grab an egg then go out and purchase whatever items are written on the egg, which eventually make their way into the many baskets that Horseshoe assembled for Carmelite kids.

“We create, basically, this Easter Bunny with a basket on the wall, and we put the eggs all over the wall,” said Dawn Reynolds, Regional VP of Human Resources at Horseshoe Casino Hammond.

“The employees then come and grab the eggs. If someone grabs one that says, ‘Chocolate Bunny’ they’ll go out and buy five chocolate bunnies, and they’ll buy other things to go in the bag as well. Our employees are very passionate about giving back to the community, and not everybody can actually go out and do volunteer work. One of the things that we have done is to bring that opportunity in-house for them so we do a number of different drives each month.”

Supporting organizations that help children, like the Carmelite Home, is something for which Reynolds and the employees at Horseshoe Casino get excited and very proactive about.

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“The Carmelite Home is something that we’re really passionate about supporting, and we know that there are two holidays that kids look forward to as far as getting goodies,” Reynolds added. “The first is, of course, Christmas and the other is Easter. We put it out there last year that, 'Hey, we want to put together some Easter baskets for children at the Carmelite home. If you can help in any way that would be great!’”

The response that Reynolds received, in the form of donated items from the team at Horseshoe, was nothing short of incredible.

“We were inundated with items for Easter baskets,” she said. “We had more chocolate bunnies and Peeps than we ever would’ve thought, and we were able to generate lots of baskets for the home.”

“This year we decided to do it again, and it was amazing to see how responsive the employees would be this year. I believe we almost doubled the donations from last year. It was amazing to see how many baskets they were able to put together.”

For Reynolds and Horseshoe Casino, giving back to the community in any form is something for which they look forward to throughout the year.

“We really hope that it makes a difference for the children at the Carmelite Home, and the experience that they’ll have on Easter morning,” she said. “Many of our employees might never visit the Carmelite Home, but they know it’s their chance to give back. They’re excited about getting involved.”

Horseshoe Casino’s outreach team delivered 10 boxes containing 96 bags and over 1000 items donated by employees to the Carmelite Home. Horseshoe was also able to give the Carmelite Home two boxes of extra goodies because the effort had generated so many donations.

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