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Rod Lubeznik Values Collaboration with the Northwest Indiana McDonald's Operators

Any great organization takes skilled and dedicated leadership to get off the ground. The Northwest Indiana McDonald’s Operators were lucky enough to have that when they began meeting back in the 1960’s, and have continued that tradition throughout the years, bringing the McDonald’s name into many households around Northwest Indiana.

Rod Lubeznik, a member of the Northwest Indiana McDonald’s Operators, currently stands as the facilitator of this group, and works to ensure conversations are shared between members. For them, sharing their methods for successful community involvement and business is far from secret, it’s their duty to share it with one another.

“What I actually do is facilitate our meetings and try to work with the other McDonald's owner operators in Northwest Indiana to coordinate our efforts, especially in regard to our relationship with various education and charitable organizations within the community,” explained Lubeznik of his role within the organization.

For Lubeznik, involvement with McDonald’s began back in 1961 when he began working as a member of the crew at one of the relatively new restaurants. After many years, Lubeznik now runs multiple area McDonald’s restaurants and finds himself enjoying the work that he does.

“In Northwest Indiana I own 18 of the restaurants,” said Lubeznik. “Each individual owner takes the responsibility of their restaurants independently. It requires a great deal of work and diligence to operate them, but I would say NIMO is one of the easier parts of that challenge.”

Working with McDonalds for so long, Lubeznik has enjoyed success in part because of his deep belief in the mission of the company. With many great programs and ways to help the workers build valuable skills, he believes it to be a wonderful place to begin.

“I continue to think that Mcdonald’s is a wonderful first job for individuals and that young people will have the opportunity to learn about business and build skills and habits that will make them successful, whether they stay with McDonald’s or go on to different careers,” said Lubeznik.

In addition to the benefits of a first job, Lubeznik also firmly believes in their numerous community programs. From Coffee with a Cop to McTeacher Nights, the McDonald’s restaurants of Northwest Indiana continue to aid the communities they are a part of in many different ways.

“Pantry on the go and our relationship with the Northwest Indiana Food Bank is just one of many things we’ve done over the decades,” explained Lubeznik. “We have an ongoing relationship with Valparaiso University and Purdue University Northwest, and with numerous schools in virtually every community in Northwest Indiana.”

For someone so committed to the mission of McDonald’s, it’s easy to wonder where that dedication and passion comes from. For Lubeznik, it’s the fact that he’s watched the company grow over the years into a household and worldwide name, and has been excited to work with them throughout that.

“The history of McDonalds is about locally owned and operated individual restaurants that, in many cases, were virtually all family operated. Giving back to the individual communities is critically important and always has been since day one of McDonald’s corporations,” said Lubeznik. “It’s been very exciting to be part of the growth of one of the most successful corporations that has been started in the last 60 years.”

As facilitator for the Northwest Indiana McDonald’s Operators, he’s sure to lead with a community focused mindset and have a positive impact on everyone involved. As these operators continue to share their ideas with one another, the communities surrounding them are sure to notice the benefits of generous, community focused Mcdonald’s Restaurants.

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