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Sand Creek Country Club Holds Its 41st Anniversary Members’ Reception Gala

Spring is in the air and for Chesterton’s very own Sand Creek Country Club, this year’s golf season is just around the corner. But before the club members can lace up their shoes and tee-off, it’s time for the 41st annual Members’ Reception Gala.

The Sand Creek Country Club held the annual event in its club house Friday evening. Over 375 members of the club wined and dined to celebrate the start of the golf season and see some old friends.

“This is one of Sand Creek’s traditional events and we are in our 41st year of hosting it,” said Kenny Furness, Food and Beverage Operations Manager. “It’s a good chance for the members to come back from the winter break and for the camaraderie and socialization to happen again between friends.”

Members and their guests were greeted with bubbly champagne, a wide selection of wine and beer, and live music. A delicious buffet was set up throughout the club house, including a carving station, a potato bar, salad stations, fresh seafood, and to top it all off, a Banana Foster station for dessert.

“All of our food is made in house by our incredible chef, Nathan Wronko,” Furness explained. “It’s really our staff that makes the difference. Our wonderful staff keeps members coming back and nights like tonight fun.”

Susan Fasel, one of those hardworking staff members has been with Sand Creek since the clubhouse opened in 1997. She looks forward to this event every year.

“Tonight is a tradition to welcome members back from the winter break every year,” said Susan Fasel, Food and Beverage Captain. “Everyone enjoys seeing everyone else and since I’ve been here for so long, I basically know everyone. It’s always a nice evening.”

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The annual event isn’t only for the members to enjoy the company of close friends; it’s also to celebrate Opening Day on the Sand Creek golf course the following morning.

“Every year, tonight’s event is followed by Opening Day,” Furness explained. “So we have our new initiated club captain who does the first opening tee-shot and starts another great season. But tonight is really to celebrate a fun night and a great upcoming season.”

Of the 375 guests at the Gala Friday night, many have been with the club for years and counting.

“I’ve been a member of Sand Creek for 21 years now,” said Nada Karas, a Sand Creek resident and owner of Lucrezia Café in Chesterton. “I’ve been coming to this event every single year I’ve been a member. I love seeing all of the members after a long winter and love the energy and hope for a great golf season.”

The energy and excitement was tangible in the clubhouse as members caught up with friends, enjoyed delectable food, and refreshing wine and cocktails. If the 41st annual Members’ Reception Gala is any look into tomorrow’s Opening Day, then members can rest easy and look forward to a great season of golf.

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