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Styx Takes Crowd Back to Days of Legendary Rock at Horseshoe Casino

Amps pounding at full blast and drums rolling at lightning speed, Styx returned to the Chicagoland area to rock out like it was 1972 at Horseshoe Casino Hammond.

Shannon McKellar, Horseshoe’s Vice President of Communications, said Styx brought the legendary power ballads that turned the group into a rock phenomenon to the crowd Friday night, full force.

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"It's always really special anytime a band or group comes back to their roots," she said. "There's such a special energy and connection there."

With Styx playing Friday night and Foreigner performing on Saturday, Jeff Clayton, Director of Entertainment Operations at the Casino, said Horseshoe Casino has brought the perfect line up for classic rock die-hard fans.

"They're one of my favorite bands to have here," Clayton said. "They bring great energy and their fans still show up full force. They do well everywhere they go, but here where they have hometown fans, it really resonates with them- and I think they enjoy being back in their hometown, too."

Henry Guzman, a long-time fan, felt Friday's performance brought him back in time.

"Back in the day, I saw them in the '80s," Guzman said. "I was in my teens then and am in my 50’s now, but they still put on an amazing show."

During the performance, the band reminisced on their days beginning in the Chicago suburbs where they began building their legacy.

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"Hammond, we go way back," Guitarist Tommy Shaw said, to the crowd’s applause. "Back in the day we played the Hammond Civic Center, and we also played in Schererville- We had to tune our amps on folding chairs, that was the good old days."

James Young, guitarist, singer and songwriter, said playing in Hammond was his first time performing with the band.

"[Playing in Hammond] was a fun gig," Young said.

Dale Moore, of Hobart, has been a Styx fan his entire life; this concert is his 5th time seeing them live.

"They haven't lost a beat, they're excellent musicians," Moore said. "The band itself is just as good, if not better, than when I first heard them."

Like many Chicagoans and NWI Hoosiers, Moore loves the fact that Styx has their roots here.

"It chalks another one up for us in Chicago," Moore said. "It goes to show that anyone who works at it can go big- anything is possible here."

McKellar said the seats were packed to the gills with fans, which goes to show the major pull Styx still has in The Region.

"They're a timeless band," McKellar said. "They sound exactly like they always have. The crowd is really into it, they put on a fantastic show…We would love to be their home whenever they come back to visit."

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