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#1StudentNWI: Springing Into Spain and Softball at La Crosse

Mrs. Denger y la familia de La Crosse
It is not easy to learn how to use an entirely new subset of words, and even harder to use them fluently. Mrs. Denger is the one and only Spanish teacher at La Crosse, and her teaching methods and positive attitude make a new language a fun task to conquer.

Denger enjoys being the head of the Spanish department because she “can make sure that the students are learning what they need.”

This allows her complete control over the curriculum, so she can ensure that the students are headed on the right learning path. She loves the intimacy of a small school and getting to know the students, as she grew up in a rural community herself and enjoyed it very much. She is not afraid to be goofy, for learning’s sake.

When asked about her favorite Spanish class to teach, she said that she couldn’t really choose, because “they’re all so different.” She answered instead on how each class has their own merits.

“I like to teach Spanish One because it is fun, and you’re just starting to grasp the language. It is all new and exciting. In Spanish Two, you start to feel more comfortable with it, and can actually speak it and communicate. Spanish three is more advanced, and most of what you learn will carry you through to college.”


Spring in Spain
Over Spring Break, a group of students from a myriad of La Crosse’s Spanish classes took a trip to Spain.

First, they visited Barcelona. There, the students got to take in the beauty of the decorative cathedrals and architecture and absorb the culture of Spain. They next went to Madrid, where the Museo Nacional De Prado waited for them, along with a flamenco show, and even got a dance lessons. Nearing the end of the trip, they got to spend some quality time on the beach, soaking in the sun.

Local and overall culture were the theme of this trip; the students walked the streets and ate tapas and local cuisine. Although they did have to come back at the end of the spring break, the pictures they have taken and the experiences they have had will serve as memories to last a lifetime.


Spring Break Ends, Softball Begins
Spring break is a good time to get that well-deserved rest and downtime that many of the students need.

While some were vacationing in Barcelona and Madrid, and others still were sleeping in and lounging on living room couches, the softball and baseball teams had begun their seasons. Sports wait for no man, not even a tired one.

Originally, the softball team’s first game was scheduled for Thursday, April 6th, but strong winds and rain has moved it later this week.

The girls began their season with a double header against Caston and Tri County. They took the hour drive and played the two games at Remington field, lasting from 10:30 to 12:00 and 2:00 to 4:00, respectively. The bus ride there was quiet and had a tired but ready air. The bus ride back was filled with joyful dancing and singing.


The first game was against Tri County. It took the girls a little time to warm up, being the first game, but once they got “into the swing” of things, the competition was fierce. Both sides fought hard to win, but it was La Crosse who managed to edge out in front in the last inning. La Crosse won 7-6, in a very intensely heated game. Kudos to Tri County for putting up a good fight, too. They certainly made the game more interesting.

After a bite of pizza, a swig of water, and some extra coaching, it was time for the second game against Caston. The two teams were almost an equal match, with each one scoring and defending for the same amount of runs each inning. The last inning saw them both tied up 4-4, forcing the game on for three more innings, with each side trying to get a leg up on the other. La Crosse got a leg up and out in the eighth, and kept going for two more runs. In the end, La Crosse pulled through with another win of 6-4.

While the team did win both games, they are not perfect. They’ve still got some work to do before they can completely function as a unit, which is going to be tough with the slew of games ahead. They have been working together, conditioning for months and having throwing and batting practices every day. Hard work and adjusting to the team will bring these ladies far in their season.

They play their next game against Victory Christian Academy in Valparaiso at 4:30 pm. Let’s go Lady Tigers!

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