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Looking Back On Eight Years Of LIFE

LIFE-38 Years of Life. Our 8 Year Old Life: A Story of Perseverance and Positivity

We launched eight years ago as a grand plan you could probably fit on the back of a business card. It was just three employees and I, there above my garage, working. Based on a strong hunch, a desire to do something different in the second half of my life that fed my soul, and a resounding vote of no-confidence across every traditional media executive I suggested it to at the time, we set out with a mission. We were going to be the good news people. A hub of everything positive you could imagine about Valpo, and stick to that dead simple concept in what stories we told; pictures we took; videos we made; people we engaged with; organizations we served; and comment or tweet made online.

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Links of the Week: The Solar Eclipse, Rotten Tomatoes, and What Happens When Silicon Valley Takes Over Journalism?


So the there will be a total solar eclipse on Sunday, as you may have heard.

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Time to Rethink U. S. Highway 30

Leigh-MorrisU.S. Highway 30 is a key 155 mile traffic artery that runs between the Illinois and Ohio state lines. For most of its length, it is classified as a limited access highway, which means that at-grade intersections or driveway cuts are not allowed unless a permit is issued. However, through the years many permits have been issued so that today it should probably be considered limited access in name only. Along with the proliferation of access permits issued, there has been growth in the number of traffic signals at intersections—40 of them between I 65 and I 69 alone. All of this has impeded traffic flow and contributed to the number of accidents as vehicles enter and leave the highway.

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Links of the Week: Jennifer Lawrence, Facebook, and Why I am Not Giving Up on Football


I was *thisclose* to giving up on football this year. Once a DirecTV Red Zone Channel addict, I spent much of last year not watching football at all. There were a few reasons: the Bears were bad. I got rid of cable. I started needing more time on Sundays to do, like housework and stuff. 

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Links of the Week: Hypnobirthing, Hyperloops, and Can We Make It to Sunday without Game of Thrones Being Spoiled?


I’m having a baby.

We’ll, not actually. My wife is. Today actually marks Day 1 of the third trimester, so things are starting to pick up. Related: I am getting a crash course in all things “dad.” Basically all of my free time is being spent reading books, Googling stuff like “what is swaddling,” “swaddling techniques”, and generally just trying to prepare myself enough so when that magical time comes - just three months from now - I can at least not embarrass myself (publicly).

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Reading on Running: Favorite Blogs for Tips and Motivation


Running is hard. For those of us racing couch to 5k’s, marathons, or even triathlons and ultras, we have all butted up against the difficulties of motivating ourselves to run, to get that split time, and finally toe the starting line.

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It’s a Trail Thing


What do you do to escape? Many watch TV or read a book, entering into a new world with swords, dragons, and evil twins.

Another great way to escape when you need to unwind, enjoy nature, and grab your daily dose of exercise in, is taking to the trails.

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Why Music Matters


Music matters for some reason. It’s hard to explain how notes on a page can bring about such deep, pure emotions in us but they most certainly do. There are so few things in life that can make you feel the way that music makes you feel. So much so that people used to be scared of that sort of thing. (See the 1984 classic, Footloose)

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Time Management Tips from One Busy Worker to Another!


It’s no secret that in today’s hyper-connected world time gets away from us. What’s worse, we glorify being busy as we share our lives online. It’s easy to wonder how people seem to be doing everything and never breaking a sweat.

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A Guilt That Has Spanned the Centuries

Guilt-That-Has-Spanned-the-CenturiesAnyone with a furry companion has known that feeling when they come home to find some precious item of theirs chewed, nibbled, broken, or otherwise despoiled and the frustration that rushed through their brain at that instant. This is generally quickly followed by the turned head and guilty, sullen gaze of your erstwhile domesticated friend that has just broken that sacred trust between human and canine that trails back to before the dawn of civilization. Their eyes avoid yours like two ping pong balls magnetically repelled from your own as if by a sudden reversal in polarity.

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If Region Residents Could Build Something New, What Would They Build?


Here in Northwest Indiana we have a lot going on between all the communities from Munster to Michigan City, but we at Ideas in Motion Media thought it would be interesting to reach out to our readers and see what kinds of things they thought would make a nice addition to the Region. On July 10th, we asked on Facebook “If I could build one thing in the Region, I would build a ___” and the responses were varied and creative as the comments rolled in.

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