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The Mop Squad: 5 Health Benefits of a Clean Home

There are many times we’ve heard people say, “Why bother cleaning the house?” or “Our house is clean… I picked everything up.” What most people don’t realize is that just by picking up the house, they are not being healthy. The Mop Squad has provided us with 5 Health Benefits of a Clean House.

1. Risk of Allergies and Mold is Significantly Reduced
Allergens lurk in hidden places throughout your house. They can cause symptoms related to a cold, or even the flu. By dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping regularly, individuals with common allergies and other respiratory issues can breathe easier inside the house. Also, by cleaning your home regularly, you are able to detect issues such as mold a lot sooner, which causes a whole headache of other health problems.

2. Increase Sanitation
Are you aware of what is on your tables and counters? It can range anywhere from Salmonella to E. Coli, and even staph. You can’t see it, but you know when one of these germs or bacteria causes an infection.

3. Get Rid of Stress
It is extremely stressful when someone in the house is ill, or your house feels cluttered and dirty. Be like the individuals in the commercials that walk into a clean home, smelling the air, and feeling good about themselves.

4. Pests, Be-Gone!
Bugs, pest and rodents live in moist, damp, dusty, and cluttered areas. Keeping your house clean brings the darkness into the light, and makes it much harder for pests to hide. Your home is not their home!

5. You Will be Happier
Unexpected guests dropping by? Never worry about it again. Long day at work and need a glass of wine? Come straight home, sit on the couch, and enjoy that glass of wine. No one likes to worry about their home or their health, so let The Mop Squad worry about it for you.

Michelle, the owner of The Mop Squad, loves being a part of the community and that means keeping our community clean. It all begins at home, and The Mop Squad is Committed to Clean! Give them a call today to obtain these 5 Health Benefits, and more: 219-241-8100

The Mop Squad
1272 Horseprairie Ave.
Suite C
Valparaiso, IN 46385
(219) 241-8100

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