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Symphony of Chesterton Offers Education to Veterans on Entitled Benefits with Seminar

When you have the information, you have the responsibility to share it. That is how Angela Boland views the services offered by the Symphony of Chesterton: To educate the community and provide the support and benefits they are entitled to.

As the Clinical Director of Business Administration of Symphony of Chesterton, Boland helps coordinate the jam-packed calendar of events at the assisted living and rehabilitation center.

On Thursday afternoon, she scheduled for Mike Leiter of Veterans Financial Inc. to present a seminar on a not too well known Veterans Affairs benefit called Aid and Assistance.

“This is a repeat one from last year because there are still so many vets unaware of the benefits they are eligible for and of which they are entitled to,” she said. “Some people don’t know who is eligible and who is not, so we have Veteran’s Financial come out and they do a fabulous job explaining all of the rules and regulations and eligibility of benefits for the vets.”

Leiter makes presentations to the mixed group of vets, spouses, and children of vets several times a month. The company is not affiliated with the VA, but is just another resource people can use to know what they are entitled to when it comes to veteran services.

“This particular VA benefit helps vets or surviving spouses of veterans qualify for care,” he said. “We go around and educate the VA benefit and on ways to pay for long-term care. We have put together an educational workshop for folks who at some point, either now or in the future, are looking for ways to pay for care whether it is in assisted living, residential living, or home healthcare.”

The seminar took place in the Aria Dining room of the Chesterton branch of the Symphony residences, located at 2775 Village Point. There were two vets in attendance who receive services from the center, and the rest were of vets and family members of vets from within the Northwest Indiana community.

Boland said when they started to plan the event, she worked with Veterans Financial to find and reach out to the local vets, inviting them to the workshop. She was happy when Chesterton Town Manager Bernie Doyle made an appearance.

“He does not need this information now,” she said. “But, he gets many calls from people asking about this information. So, he can take this information back with him to the community.”

At the seminar, the dining room was full of people seeking information about the benefit. They were able to ask their own personal questions at the end, as well as fill out a form saying they wanted to be contacted to receive the Veterans Financial support now or in the future.

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However, even if they did not qualify or did not want the support, Leiter said it is the company’s mission to educate people on opportunities they are entitled to have.

“This is our particular niche. We educate people about it and if you want to go to the VA directly, go to the VA, but we can help you either way,” he explained. “We view it as a service.”

The presentation was a general overview of who is eligible, what the benefit entails, and what people need to do to begin getting that support. Leiter explained through a PowerPoint, with case study examples of clients he has worked with in the past.

Leiter said the seminar was a good way for everybody involved: The folks get educated, his company gets the opportunity to build their client base, and the staff at Symphony of Chesterton gets folks through the door.

“But by and large, we do it as a service,” Leiter said. “We are very thankful to the vets that served and are very thankful to the vets for giving us the opportunity to live the lifestyles we live.”

For every event offered at the facility, Boland tries to spread the word to the entire area, welcoming people to the facility.

‘We are always trying to target different areas of education for our community because we come across multiple families who have the same questions, so we try to peel back the layers and get more and more information to spread to the public,” she said.

And, she said, people can always call the facility with questions, in which the staff will either answer or send the caller to the right person who would know.

“It’s getting that information and once you have it, it is having the responsibility to share it with others,” Boland said.

To learn more about the Symphony of Chesterton and the other branches and to see their upcoming events, click here.


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