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Briar Leaf Golf Club is Dedicated to Helping People Love the Game of Golf

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, Briar Leaf Golf Club is determined to make the game of golf accessible to everyone.

Since 1995, Briar Leaf Golf Club has been an increasingly popular destination for golfers of all ages and levels. After undergoing countless renovations to upgrade the grounds and the clubhouse, Briar Leaf has become one of the most popular clubs in the area.

“We want to be the place to go to for a round of good golf,” said Jay Williams, PGA Professional and the General Manager of Briar Leaf Golf Club. “We want people to know that they can come out here and have a nice game of golf with some great people.”

Every year the golf course and club quarters are updated and kept in tip-top shape for patrons. The clubhouse, built in 1989, has gone through a complete renovation. It looks completely different than it 28 years ago, but it’s still as beautiful as the day it opened.

“The Saint Andrew’s Club Room is a popular meeting and event spot at the club,” Williams said. “There’s beautiful dark, wooden beams and a huge stone fireplace. It really is a beautiful space.”

The Portofino Grill and the Grill House on 9 offer delicious meals to golfers or anyone in the community who wants to pop in for a great lunch or dinner.


The course was built in 1973 and, just like the rest of the club, has gone through countless renovations to upgrade everything from the holes to the bunkers.

“The course looks nothing like it did years ago when the course opened,” Williams explained. “We have put a lot of money into improvements in the bunkers, the holes, and even the machinery so that we can keep the course in quality condition for our customers.”

As beautiful as the club is, its best feature is of course, golf. For the seasoned golfers who are looking for a round of golf, the beautiful course is ready to challenge and excite you. For the people who don’t know if they can call themselves golfers just yet, Briar Leaf offers classes to everyone of all age groups.

“If you’re looking to get into the game, one of the ways I promote the game is I teach lessons for people of all ages,” Williams explained. “One of the best ways to learn is to dive right in and get some great guidance.”

The club offers a variety of teaching leagues: individual, couple and group lessons. There’s even a three night teaching session for women who want to get into the game of golf but are unsure how.

“Nobody likes to be bad at something,” Williams said. “Sometimes, people will be self-conscious if they play or they may grow frustrated, so they won’t play. We want to improve people’s technique and make them comfortable enough to call themselves golfers.”


One of the more popular programs at Briar Leaf is the Junior Golfer League. Kids ages 17 and under work with Williams to develop their technique. The club’s goal is to have more people not just playing golf, but loving it too. Which is why for the past three years, Briar Leaf has not charged junior golfers who are 17 years of age or younger to play golf. In fact, Briar Leaf offers specials and discounts every week so everyone can find a tee time that fits their budget.

“Cost is one of the barriers when trying to enter the game,” Williams explained. “We want to make golf more accessible so that younger kids love the game.”

Not many golf clubs can truthfully say their goal is to help people love the game of gold more, but it’s safe to say that Briar Leaf Golf Club is one of those select few.

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