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Briar Leaf Golf Club in Top Shape Following a Great Summer, Head Out Take Advantage Before the Snow Flies!

Summer is quickly coming to a close and even though temperatures might be dropping, don’t let that stop you from enjoying an amazing round of golf at Briar Leaf Golf Club in La Porte. For the most part, the weather this summer has been ideal and now is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful conditions on the course at Briar Leaf.

“Weather-wise it’s been a really great season, other than the incredibly dry August which seems to have broken recently,” said Jay Williams, Briar Leaf Golf Club General Manager and Golf Pro. “I think it hit 90 degrees twice this year too so the temperatures have been just right. People got a lot of golf in this year!”

Despite the recent dry spell, the course at Briar Leaf has been in top shape all season long. Along with consistently good weather, improvements on the course continue to mark 2017 as a terrific season of golf.

“The course has just been in excellent condition this year,” Williams said. “The greens, especially, have been great all season. We’ve always continued to try to fine tune things every year and we’re always working to try and find better ways to do things and maintain the course.”

“We’ve had some bad areas over the years,” added Williams. “Over time we’ve always continually worked to seed it and seed it, but this year we went to the expense of sodding those areas. We’ve cut them out and put new sod in and it’s not been 100% successful because some of those areas will still retain water, but that was one of the major projects we undertook this year.”

Helping to create a phenomenal golf experience for members and visitors to Briar Leaf Golf Club is Williams’ and his staffs top priority. Through their ongoing efforts to identify and improve a range of course features, the player’s experience is enhanced and assuredly a great one.

“We put all new sand in all of our bunkers and we used a very high quality sand that is, unfortunately, quite expensive, but it’s really worth it,” described Williams. “What I mean by that is that the playability for the players and drainage from our perspective, so where the bunker doesn’t become a swimming pool when it rains, are two of the major things we focused on.”

“There were some big cart path repairs also and those are some of the little things that might not get noticed, but we notice them. It’s about the appearance of the entire property. The greens have been better than they’ve ever been. Aside from getting a little bit crispy towards the end of August, everything has greened right back up and it looks great out there.”

Although summer is winding down and the fall season is marching closer and closer, Briar Leaf Golf Club will be open and ready for visitors and members to come out and enjoy a round of golf. Unlike most outdoor-oriented business, Briar Leaf stays open until it snows or temperatures drop closer to freezing.

“There really is no open or close date that we look towards,” Williams said. “Theoretically, we’re open all year long. At some point it gets too cold or, obviously, once it snows the game is over. We will have people play deep into November and if you catch a couple decent days in December, where it might be 45 degrees, we’ll have some folks out playing golf.”

“We leave the pins in, it’s a full course and we’ll stay open until the snow flies,” Williams said encouraging golfers to take advantage of the beautiful course, depending on the weather and the temperature, no matter what season it is!

To find out more about Briar Leaf Golf Club, visit:

Briar Leaf Golf Club
3233 IN-39, La Porte, IN 46350
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