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Celebrating VICTORY for the Riverfront Liquor License Expansion


Tuesday night was a great victory for our movement! City Council voted 5 to 4 in favor of the Riverfront Liquor License Expansion Resolution, paving the way for new development in our reemerging downtown community.

It was wonderful to see the Council chambers full of #MCYaySayers and to hear the eloquent and passionate comments in support of this resolution. Thank you all for showing up, for making your voices heard and for supporting the resolution.

We are also very thankful to the council members who voted in support of the resolution.

Councilman Tim Bietry, who authored the resolution, reinforced to the Council and the public that this resolution was intended to be used as an economic development tool and is an initiative that will help all Michigan City businesses by boosting traffic in the downtown. "The rising tide will lift all ships, old and new alike."

Please help us to continue to spread the word on the this resolution, on the benefits of a vibrant downtown, and share news about the positive work being done to redevelop our community. Working together, we WILL move Michigan City forward!

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