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McShane's, Kramer & Leonard Kick Off Merger with Successful Community Open House

Weddings often celebrate the merging of two families together, in addition to the newlyweds who made the merger possible. The McShane’s, Kramer & Leonard open house on Thursday was a “wedding” of sorts, celebrating the merger of McShane’s Inc, of Munster, and Kramer & Leonard Office Products in Chesterton.

The companies announced in December their decision to combine their efforts into one company, a new entity called McShane’s K&L-A Pulse Company, offering more than 300,000 products online or over the phone.

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“Their company is very good with furniture and supplies, and we’re very good with supplies, technology and printers, so by combining forces, we’re able to offer a lot more to both our clients,” Chief Executive Officer Brian McShane said.

McShane served as president and CEO of McShane’s and will continue to serve as CEO for the company, while Greg Fox, former president of Kramer & Leonard, will continue to serve Pulse in the same position.

“It makes us different from our competitors in the marketplace, because we now specialize in many facets, from furniture to supplies to equipment to software,” said Angela Spencer, government education major account representative for the group. “That’s why we’re having this open house today, to show our excitement and how we can be that one-stop shop for our customers.”

Longtime clients of both companies attended the open house to meet the employees and see the new products offered.

“It’s letting you know that everything is still going to be the same—the quality of service, the friendliness, the patience,” said Tara Nelson, a McShane’s client for the Indiana Parenting Institute. “I think it’s a great opportunity for everybody to get to know everybody. You can talk to a person on the phone, but now I can put a face with the name."

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Attendees were treated to music, food, and beverages, and they were invited to enter their names into drawings for door prizes. Names were pulled every half hour for water bottles, tote bags, pop sockets, and beer bottle openers adorned with the company’s logo.

In addition, guests toured the building and stopped at stations for 12 different vendors, including Hon, Sharp, and Square 9. Guests received “bingo” cards, and each time they stopped at a station to learn about its products, they marked their card for that vendor. Once all vendors were marked, the guest was then entered into a drawing for prizes such as a Sharp T.V., a Keurig, and an office chair.

“We’re excited to actually show the community how the Kramer & Leonard family and the McShane’s family have come together as one unit,” Spencer said.

McShane has experienced seven mergers in his career. He said this one has gone very smoothly, particularly because the similarities between the companies, and he envisions they will expand in the near future.

“We service Chicagoland and as far as Elkhart and Goshen,” he said. “We have an expansive area, and we’re just going to keep expanding and growing.”

As the two companies and their respective clientele families merge into one collective PulseTechnology group and expand further, they still want to keep their customers’ satisfaction at the forefront.

“It’s all about relationships in our business,” McShane said. “People like to deal with people and trust people that they want to trust, and we know that that’s what really drives us to stay competitive and stay in business.”

The group is working on launching a new merged website. For more information on either company, visit or  or 


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