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La Porte County Career and Technical Education Students Honored

The LaPorte County Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at the A.K. Smith Career Center in Michigan City held its 2018 Awards Program on Thursday, May 3 at the Holdcraft Performing Arts Center in Michigan City. During the program, returning members of the Technical Honor Society received a tassel to be worn at their high school graduations, and new students were inducted. Several students were also honored with scholarships and awards.

The purpose of the Technical Honor Society is to honor students who have shown dedication, professionalism and the skills necessary to be selected as the best of the best in their chosen CTE field. These students demonstrate that technical education is a viable, practical, and challenging educational path.

The May 3 ceremony, led by Director of Career and Technical Education Audra Peterson, featured four guest speakers, who each addressed a pillar of the society. They included:

  • Excellence – Kristen Patterson, Coordinator, Educational Opportunity Programs, PNW
  • Character – Lendell Hood, Police Officer, Michigan City Police Department
  • Technology – Jennifer Goss, Education Professions Teacher, La Porte County Career Center
  • Work Ethic – Linda Wiltfong, Superintendent, South Central Community School Corporation

The following 37 students were inducted into the Society, representing six area high schools. The schools include Lacrosse High School (LCHS), LaPorte High School (LPHS), Michigan City High School (MCHS), New Prairie High School (NPHS), South Central High School (SCHS), and Westville High School (WVHS).

Automotive Technology
Julian Luna (LPHS), Eliot Rotering (NPHS)

Construction Technology
Ryan Chapman (NPHS), Zack Mrozinski (NPHS)

Mary Duenas (MCHS)

Criminal Justice
James Huffman (MCHS), Jenny Noll (MCHS)

Culinary Arts
Carley Hobbs (LPHS)

Education Professions
Drew Burtner (LCHS), Breanna Foster (LPHS), Jessica Pegues (MCHS)

Austin DeYoung (SCHS), Cencia Hernandez (MCHS)

Energy Academy
Alex Powell (MCHS), Luke Powell (MCHS), Troy Powell (MCHS), Ryne Stormer (MCHS), Matt Thompson (LPHS)

Fire Science
Blake Sorenson (LPHS)

Health Careers Academy I
Margaret Bibb (MCHS), Dayilynn Briggs (MCHS), Mikala McCollough (MCHS), Amber Neuhold (NPHS), Julie Myers (SCHS), Kirsten Persin (SCHS), Brooke Stone (SCHS), Emigh Steinhagen (MCHS)

Health Careers Academy II
Arianna Cooley (LPHS), Jasmine Kidd (NPHS), Zoey Lewis (MCHS)

Modern Machine Technology
Mariseann Beck (MCHS), Nicole Ginther (MCHS), Felicity Martinez (MCHS)

Keyon Donaldson (MCHS), Chase Klosinski (WVHS), Matthew Carpenter (LPHS), Natalie Tuholski (LPHS)

The students listed above joined the following returning Technical Honor Society members: Tiffany Arndt (LPHS), Hailey Aubin (LPHS), Dylan Bradburn (NPHS), Shane Burns (NPHS), Mandy Cannan (MCHS), Heather Carter (LPHS), Conner Conklin (MCHS), Alexis Dickey (MCHS), Logan Goolsby (MCHS), Cailyn Harrison (MCHS), Myia Havis (MCHS), La’Navia Jackson (MCHS), Amelia Kessler (SCHS), Brandon Kiel (MCHS), Emily Lachiewicz (LPHS), Sawyer Laffoon (NPHS), Jordan Leaner (MCHS), Hailey Meyers (WVHS), Kennedy Selman (SCHS), Bruce Van Wanzeele (NPHS), Jacob Wells (NPHS).

Each of the CTE programs at A. K. Smith also recognized an Outstanding Student of the Year. They included:

  • Modern Machine Technology: Mike Welsh
  • Automotive Technology: Julian Luna
  • Construction Technology (AK Smith): Conner Conklin
  • Construction Technology (NPHS): Ryan Chapman
  • Cosmetology: Mary Deunas
  • Criminal Justice and Law: J. Celeste Corona-Montalvan
  • Culinary Arts: Zach Wilson
  • Early Childhood Education: Emilee Lachiewicz
  • EMT: Alicia Pozos
  • Energy Academy: Logan Goolsby
  • Facility Maintenance: William Mack
  • Fire Safety and Rescue: Blake Sorenson
  • Health Careers Academy I: Brook Stone
  • Health Careers Academy II: Amelia Kessler
  • Welding Technology: Rylan Epple

Each year a student representative from each high school is selected as the Outstanding Student of the Year for La Porte County Career and Technical Education. This year’s recipients were:

  • LaCrosse High School - Drew Burtner
  • La Porte High School - Heather Carter
  • Michigan City High School - Mary Duenas
  • South Central High School - Mike Welsh
  • New Buffalo High School - Kaitlyn Biela
  • New Prairie High School - Sawyer Laffoon
  • Westville High School - Jacob Parkman

Other students receiving special recognition included:

  • 2018 Jim Wallace Memorial Award – Kayla Goldman
  • Brad Cohen Award – Troy Walker
  • Tej Ram Gupta Scholarship - Lillie Kessler, Connor Conklin, Heather Carter
  • Shane Hostetler Memorial Scholarship – Connor Conklin
  • Kenneth Patterson Memorial Scholarship – Art Thatcher

This year, Work Ethic Certificates were awarded to 102 CTE students who participated in an optional certification program offered through the Region 1 Youth Council and the State of Indiana. Students earning Work Ethic certification completed requirements based on attendance, discipline, and community service. They also were evaluated on their organizational skills, punctuality, respectfulness, and teamwork. The certificates were presented by representatives of the Region 1 Youth Council: Ivy Tech Valparaiso Campus Chancellor Aco Sikoski and Marina Tovar of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Region 1 office. Certification will give these students priority in job placement with companies across Northwest Indiana who are recognizing the importance of work ethics in their hiring practices.

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