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Patrick’s Grille, Matey’s Bar, Bartlett’s Fish Camp and Barker Pub host Which Mule Will Rule?


With summer on the way, many people are looking for a tasty and refreshing summer drink. For four local bars and restaurants, today was a chance to bring their version of a classic summer refreshment, the Moscow Mule, to Patrick’s Grille to see which mule would rule.

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Patrick's Catering & Events delivers high-end service on any scale


After 20 years in the dining and event planning industry, Julie Krause knows a good catering venture when she finds one. The former general manager of Patrick’s Grille is using her expertise to spearhead Patrick’s Catering & Events, a new business rising to meet the demand for a high-quality catering service in the area.

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Dining Specials Offered at Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa this April

Blue-Chip-Dining-August-2017 Celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 21, with a Prime Rib Brunch at Options from 8am to 11am for $22.99 plus tax, and a Prime Rib and Seafood Dinner buffet from Noon to 8pm for $26.99 plus tax. Add a one-pound bucket of snow crab for $9.99.

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Cape Line beverages make for perfect summer sippers


Spiked seltzers have become increasingly popular over the past several years. A lighter alternative to beer, and a less sweet alternative to flavored malt beverages (FMBs) like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, spiked seltzers let drinkers sip and excuse the worries of typical headaches and calories. While some have found spiked seltzers too bland enjoy with sincerity, Indiana Beverage just began distributing a new line of beverages that cuts through this outlook — Cape Line.

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Albano's Villa pulls Michigan City natives home

Hometowns. We all have them. And we all have stories about them. The spots we claimed with high school friends, to the homestyle restaurants that can be justified only if you ate there. For those who grew up in Michigan City, one place in particular has impacted them for generations: Albano’s Villa.

No matter how bittersweet it has been for those who have moved away from Michigan City, Albano's has a way of helping them keep a piece of their home town close at heart.

Michigan City native Lorna Jens and her husband Eric Jens deliver their favorite pizza all the way to their new home state of Georgia - literally!

2019albanospizza“Every time we visit we load up on pizzas, freeze them, and send them to Georgia,” Lorna Jens...

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February News from Patrick's Grille

February-News-from-Patricks-Grille-2019_01 Meet Chef Rick and Alex
Chef Rick (left) is the man behind the scenes and Alex is his right hand man. Both have been at Patrick's Grille from the beginning and they work hard to make sure your meal is delicious every time you dine with us. Chef Rick loves this area and when he's not working in the kitchen, you can find him out walking his dog or gardening.

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The History of the King Cake

CI-Mick-Telkamp king-cake-with-baby.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.853

Alongside masks, parades and gaudy costume jewelry lies a sweet Mardi Gras tradition with a colorful history: the King Cake.

The roots of this sweet treat date back to European, pre-Christian pagan harvest celebrations, where sacrifice was a part of common tradition. At the beginning of every sacred harvest, several men gathered to eat cake that contained just one bean or coin in it. Whoever stumbled upon the trick mid-bite was chosen to be the “sacred king.” The sacred king was treated as such--up until the end of the harvest, that is. After about a year, the sacrifice took place..!

When Christianity extended its reach throughout the world, the king cake tradition was adopted and used to honor the three wise men who visited Jesus. The cake was...

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Dining Specials Offered at Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa this March

Blue-Chip-Dining-August-2017 Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a delicious buffet at Options on Sunday, March 17 from 3pm to 8pm for $26.99 plus tax. Enjoy traditional Irish favorites, including corned beef and cabbage, prime rib, shepherd's pie, beer-battered fish, Guinness beef stew, bangers and mash, bubble and squeak and more, plus the Sunday Southern Comfort Menu.

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Albano's Pizza Specials Satisfy Appetites Everyday

Albanos-Food-Specials-2018 01

America has a love affair with pizza. That goes double for the Region, and being so close to Chicago, we have strong opinions on what constitutes a good pizza. New York style or Chicago? Sweet red sauce, or salty? There are as many different opinions as there are pizza places.

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Chef Rick Bruggeman brings culinary experience to Michigan City as Head Chef of Patrick's Grille


When Patrick Wilkins set off to bring his favorite cuisine to Michigan City, he knew he needed a world-class chef to make his vision a reality. For that, Wilkins, a native to the Region, turned to Rick Bruggeman. Bruggeman has been with Patricks since it opened and to this day is known to serve some of the best steaks that Michigan City has to offer.

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Crazy Toppings Makes for Crazy Stories at Albano’s Villa


Pizza can become pretty standard after a while. Ordering traditional pepperoni, sausage, or even a supreme can get dull without finding a way to spice it up. Of course, there are the people who dip their pizza slice in ranch, those who add pineapple, or others who add hot sauce to change up the flavor, but what other ways are there to mix up the traditional?

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