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Life in the Spotlight

A La Porte County Life In The Spotlight: Kathy Moskovich

Kathy Moskovich is a familiar face to Northwest Indiana. Born and raised in Michigan City, she has lived in La Porte County all her life. She is an educator and has been teaching for 39 years, currently teaching at Queen of All Saints which she says is the perfect fit for her and that every day is a personal reward.

“All the lives you touch over many years is the most rewarding. Some students come back and tell me what they have done. Some of them come back and tell me I was the reason they did whatever they did and I think that it is absolutely the best,” said Moskovich.

Moskovich didn’t know what she wanted to pursue, but she said teaching could not have been a more perfect fit.

“My husband always said that for someone who was so unsure about what she wanted to do, I can’t believe the person you’ve turned into,” said Moskovich. “I was the oldest in my family. I was always taking care of my siblings and babysitting. I spent a lot of time with children. When I went to school, I took classes and worked with children more, and I really started to enjoy it. It seemed like the right choice to make.”

For Moskovich, she says there is a challenge every day, but the reward is far greater.

“No days are ever the same. No child is the same, and you do the best you can. Children are so different and every day is different. You need to meet their needs and engage them where they are,” said Moskovich.

Moskovich says she doesn’t picture herself anywhere else than Northwest Indiana. It is home for her, and this is where she rooted her family.

“My family is all here and my first job was in Portage, which was fairly close to home,” said Moskovich. “I think Indiana is a beautiful place to live. I go down to the beach with my grandchildren and it’s so peaceful and lovely. People travel from so far away, and we’re just a couple minutes from what I think is one of the most beautiful place in the world. I never had a strong yearning to go anywhere else because I was happy right here.”

Moskovich is also the Director of Religious Education. She participates in service projects and volunteers at the soup kitchen and homeless shelters. She helps the students prepare for Confirmation and hopes she can make a difference in not just student’s lives, but her communities lives as well.

“When you stretch yourself out and do something for someone else, your day is better. There are times when I’m on my way to volunteer and I want to stay home, but I am always so glad I did what I did. I walk away feeling so happy that what I have done is so important to the people. I am never sorry that I do those things,” said Moskovich.

Moskovich wants to stress the importance of lending a helping hand. She wants to encourage others to give back and go the extra mile to make the community better.

“We show our actions through our love for other people, and I think that’s how we share our faith. I give back because it makes me better. I want people to be the best version of themselves,” said Moskovich.

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