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Life in the Spotlight

A La Porte County Life In The Spotlight: Katrina Langford

While Katrina Langford is originally from Texas, her family set down roots in La Porte, Indiana. As a mother of four children, she has always been involved in the school system; however, her activism stretches across the entire La Porte community.

“When somebody says, ‘Hey, do you think you could do this?’ I always think, if they didn't need my help they wouldn't have asked,” Langford said.

Aside from being an active volunteer on Riley Elementary’s PTA and a devoted member of her church, Langford has also been a part of school steering committees, a volunteer on multiple committees for the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, and she and her husband were leaders of the Horse and Pony Committee for two years. One of her favorite involvements, however, is the Healthcare Foundation’s Holiday at the Pops Concert.

“I got involved originally in the Pops Concert because I was looking for a different way to be involved in the community that wasn’t necessarily something that only involved my children,” she said. “I did so many things focused around my kids and I wanted to do something else that was important and that I felt strongly about.”

When Langford first started volunteering for the Pops Concert in 2008, the proceeds went towards hospice services in La Porte. This was very important to her because it was a way that she could reconnect with her years growing up in Texas.

“[Hospice] has always been an important project of mine because it was a very important project to my family back home,” said Langford. “My grandparents were on the hospital board in my hometown and my grandfather actually brought the concept of hospice to my hometown in the early 70s...I’ve known people who have been cared for by hospice and, so, I really liked the fact that it had a personal note, but it was also something that I thought was important for the community.”

Although proceeds for the Pops Concert now go towards the children’s fund, Langford is more than eager to help a cause that hits close to home and includes the entire community.

“You can devote your time and energy to doing something when it’s something you feel passionate about, especially when you are raising money.”

Now having raised her four kids in La Porte, Langford’s passion is for this community. She takes pleasure in the little things and knows that every moment and every decision offers the opportunity to live life to its fullest and make a difference in someone else’s life. For example, Langford loves to manage the monthly “snack cart” at Riley Elementary. This gives her the chance to interact with kids and brighten their days.

“It’s like being a rockstar,” Langford laughed. “Little kids come up and they hug me, they want to show me their new shoes, or they want to tell me about something that happened that I know that I’m making an impact on their lives...That’s important. That’s something I can do.”

For Langford, La Porte makes it easy to feel at home. She explained that when her mother moved up here in 2015, she was amazed by everyone’s eagerness to invite her to lunch.

“People in La Porte include you in their lives,” said Langford. “It’s not surface friendliness; it’s genuine inclusiveness.”

Langford is the epitome of genuine inclusiveness. She approaches every day with positive energy and a desire to live fully in the moment.

“Whatever you’re doing, that’s the work that you’re doing at that time,” said Langford. “So whether that’s planting your garden, taking care of your home, or going to eat lunch...Live each day so you never have any regrets.”

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