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Life in the Spotlight

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Alyssa Foster

La Porte High School senior, Alyssa Foster, is joining La Porte County Life as one of our #1Students! Foster’s passion for bowling and journalism was almost tangible as she spoke on her love for her extracurriculars of choice.

“I was inducted into National Honor Society this year. I’m also in German Club, and I’m on the Spell Bowl team,” Foster said. “I’m also on the bowling team…I’ve been on the high school team since 7th grade. I just had to be junior varsity because I couldn’t be on varsity yet. That’s my number one thing. I’ve been all about bowling since I was four years old.”

When she was younger, Foster would bowl with her friends every Saturday. One day, one of her friends had asked if she’d be interested in bowling on the high school team.

“I didn’t even tell my mom for a few weeks that I signed up for it,” Foster said. “I went to try outs and they didn’t cut me. There was one other 7th grader and me, and so we bowled on the JV team with some other high schoolers. Freshman year, I started varsity.”

Foster has made quite the impression with her skill in the alley as she has and continues to set records and achieve firsts.

“This year I was the first individual person at La Porte to win both sectionals and regionals. I’m the first girl at La Porte to ever make it to semi-state twice,” Foster said. “I’ve made the top boards out of all the women who bowl leagues at one of our local bowling alleys.”

As far as college, Foster’s bowling might just come in handy. She shared that her older cousin bowls and that’s part of what made Foster want to stick with it.

“My older cousin was offered a scholarship for bowling, and they actually offer a lot of them,” Foster said. “That’s one of the better things about bowling. It’s not technically considered a sport, so I can do tournaments to make money for college.”

In addition to being a #1Student for La Porte County Life and a bowling prodigy, Foster has also taken on the task of being the school newspaper editor.

“I just went into class one day and my teacher asked to talk to me in the hallway. So, I went out there and she asked if I’d be interested in being her editor next year. I said, ‘Yeah, sure,’” Foster said. “Then she asked if I’d write for La Porte County Life. I’m not going to turn down an opportunity to write.”

When asked about her plans for college, Foster shared that she’ll miss her high school days, but she looks forward to the myriad of opportunities she has ahead of herself.

“I thought everything was all fun and games my first two years in high school, but then I realized college is soon,” Foster said. “I was watching people graduate just yesterday, and then I realized I have one year and then I’ll be over there. I’m still looking around for colleges because there are a lot that come and recruit and offer bowling scholarships.”

Foster shared that she is interested in pursuing journalism, though she’s not entirely sure of that path. She’s not limiting her options whatsoever as she takes on her senior year.

Be on the look out for articles written by Foster and other local students on our #1StudentNWI feature page!

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