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Life in the Spotlight

A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Cassy Swanson

World traveler, avid kayaker, food and drink enthusiast, and board game advocate Cassy Swanson loves to step out of her comfort zone not only in her professional life but also her private life. Swanson always has a need to travel and try new food and drinks. Over the years the dedicated world traveler has managed to visit 16 states, 5 countries, and 2 islands in the Caribbean.

“I love stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that challenge me, including things like high rope courses,” said Swanson. “Even though I am really afraid of heights, I ended up completing a course for my birthday last year.”

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana and raised in Mill Creek, Swanson has always loved Northwest Indiana and the surrounding towns because of its close proximity to the city of Chicago, while also being able to experience that “small town” feel.

“I was heavily involved in activities when I attended La Porte High School including working with the newspaper, creative writing, student government, and I was senior class president,” stated Swanson.”

As a high school senior class president, National Honors Society inductee, soccer player, and a speech and debate student, Swanson endured the pressures of all her school and personal responsibilities but finished her high school career strongly in 2010. After living in Northwest Indiana for 15 years, Swanson decided to attend Ball State University, where she continued to be heavily involved in student government and public relations clubs.

“As an overeager college freshman, I started emailing organizations in La Porte trying to get an internship for that summer when I would’ve been back in my hometown,” Swanson said. “This led me to my first experience with the nonprofit organization, the La Porte Hospital Foundation. I enjoyed working there so much that I returned for the following two summers to continue working with The La Porte Hospital Foundation.”

Swanson accredits her time working with the La Porte Hospital Foundation as part of what influenced her career and got her to where she is today. Working with the foundation put a sense of purpose into her career that propelled her into Teaching for America in Indianapolis for low-level income schools for two years.

“I knew that no matter what job I ended up getting after college, it needed to be something where I felt like I was making a difference and giving back to my community,” said Swanson. “The time that I spent teaching low-level income schools I lovingly refer to as the hardest two years of my life. It was everything I wanted in a job right out of college: challenging, rewarding, and educational.”

Aiding people in need and giving back to her community has become something of second nature to Swanson. Swanson’s current position as Media Coordinator and Administrative Assistant at what used to be the La Porte Hospital Foundation, but is now formally known as the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, combines her public relations degree, her work with the previous foundation, and her desire to give back to her community all into one.

“I am so inspired by those who have taken hardships and used them to do what they can to bring about change and hope,” Swanson said. “It is overwhelming to think of all the good that Healthcare Foundation of La Porte will do for La Porte, and I am thankful to be a part of it.”

When asked if Swanson could give one piece of advice to anybody in the world she said, “Work hard to achieve your dreams so you never have to wonder if you are good enough, because only you will know you are.”

Cassy Swanson hopes to continue trying to make the world a better place to be by serving her local community and continue to make her family and friends a priority. For more information about the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, please visit

Healthcare Foundation of La Porte
323 Pine Lake Avenue PO Box 517, La Porte, IN 46352
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