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Life in the Spotlight

A La Porte County Life In The Spotlight: Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson has lived in La Porte for most of her life. Even as a young girl, Johnson has lived there with her family and now continues to live in the city she calls home with her two daughters.

“I have always lived here and have always loved La Porte County and the Michigan City area,” Johnson said. “You get the best of both worlds with the city of Chicago only an hour away, the beach and Lake Michigan is right there, and the country is just gorgeous.”

Johnson attributes her success and status in life to her father, owner and operator of Patrick’s Grille and Sunset Grille. As the current Marketing Director for both restaurants, Johnson wears many different hats and is very involved with the business.

“I have done everything from hostessing to bussing to serving, wherever I am needed I am there,” stated Johnson.

As a child, Johnson’s rebellious nature consistently challenged her father, especially during her high school and college years. No matter how far she tried to push her father away, or how many mistakes she made, her father continued to support Johnson’s dreams and talents.

According to Johnson, “My father grew up in a family that had very little, and he has worked so hard every day to make sure that me and my two sisters had things that he could have only dreamed about when he was young.”

Having such a loving support system inspires Johnson to be the best she can be for her two daughters, Emma and Melanie. Johnson loves being a mother and strives to be the best she for her daughters. She works hard each day and continues to be involved in the community to set a positive example for the two girls.

“I love the Michicgan City community but Patrick’s Grill holds my heart,” Johnson said. “I want to continue learning the ins-and-outs of the business so the restaurant can move forward in the industry and stay as involved in the community as we are now.”

Patrick’s Grille and Sunset Grille participates in community service by doing multiple givebacks at the restaurants. In the past the restaurants have helped Stepping Stone Women’s Shelter, Save the Dunes, Boys and Girls club, and many other organizations.

“Our community is part of who we are. We live here and work here and raise our children here. The more our community grows and the more we help it thrive, the better place it is for everyone,” Johnson said.

As much as Meghan Johnson loves serving her surrounding community, she also believes in taking the time to take care of oneself. No matter how hard or busy life gets with her involvement in the community and the restaurants, she makes sure to stay healthy by taking time for herself and doing something she loves. Johnson loves to ride her horse and spend quality time with her girls.

“If I could give one piece of advice to anyone it would be find what you love and do it,” Johnson said. “My biggest passion besides helping out my community is horses, in particular my thoroughbred horse named Forest who I purchased last year.”

If Johnson could spend each day riding she would, but she also loves working within the restaurant and giving back to the community. She truly believes she has the best of both worlds and loves that she is able to spend her time both riding and working.

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