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Life in the Spotlight

A La Porte County Life In The Spotlight: Liz Burnham

Having and maintaining a sense of community is very important to people who have given back and benefited from the surrounding area. For Liz Burnham of La Porte, being a part of the community has become one of her many passions in life and has allowed her to get where she is today.

Burnham grew up in the Michigan City area and attended Elston High School. After graduation, she studied and graduated from Indiana University Bloomington.

Today, Burnham has three different careers that she is involved with. She works at The Barbauld Agency, she is an author of Children's picture books, and a board member for the Michigan City Chamber Music Festival. The Barbauld Agency is a full service marketing and advertising agency in the Midwest with their office located in Valparaiso. The Michigan City Chamber Music Festival was held at First Presbyterian Church as is referred to as “The American Music Experience.” The festival celebrates music and musicians of different ethnicities and cultures around the world. She is also an author for Children’s picture books which takes a lot of creativity and hard work, but working hard is one of her many talents, molded by her parents and education.

“I got to where I am today because of my amazing parents and great education,” Burnham said. “I’ve always been kind and enthusiastic throughout my life, and I believe that those traits have allowed me to be granted with great working opportunities and my willingness to learn new things.”

Along with working hard at her careers, Burnham also believes it is crucial to work hard for the community in order to allow it to thrive for the next generation to come. While being a board member for the Michigan City Chamber Music Festival and writing Children’s picture books are part of the picture, so is being kind and having great enthusiasm to learning new things.

“Without giving back to the community, it does not have any room to grow and thrive,” said Burnham. “ Those who have benefited from the community, like myself, must pay it forward and better our area for the next generation.”

Burnham is the person she is today due to the help and support from her parents, Bob and Sandy Burnham, her teachers, dance instructors Judith Joseph and Ken Brelsfoard, and all of her mentors and her marketing jobs. She is also very blessed with a wonderful husband, 2 kids and spectacular grandchildren.

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