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The La Porte County Family YMCA Aids Members in Regaining Strength and Mobility

Roger, one of our dedicated Y members and program participants, shared his thoughts on the impact his time at the Y has had on his life. We love having Roger as a member and are very proud of him for all of his accomplishments!

"In March 2015, I started my adventure at the Y. I had to push myself to start something new. I could hardly walk, drive or ride in a car without pain. Everything hurt! I joined the Senior Stretch program after getting my doctor’s approval to exercise in the pool. The water resistance builds muscle strength, relieves joint pain and helps your balance. If you lose your balance and fall, the water is all you hit and no broken bones. This was a perfect fit to start.

I spent a few months in the pool and as I got stronger, I joined other Y programs. In May 2015, I tried Senior Yoga and Silver Sneakers in June. In September, the Y started the Enhance Fitness program and I signed up. After a full year of these classes, I was able to start a 15-20 minute routine on the leg strength equipment. In addition to the classes and leg machines, in February 2017, I began a workout in the pool. This includes 1 ½ laps using only my legs and 1 ½ laps using only my arms. Within a few months of this addition I was able to do deep end body lifts on the pool edge and would finish out in the sauna for 10-15 minutes.

Not only was I exercising more, but I was able to change my eating habits. I am eating healthy throughout the day and limiting my meals after 7pm. If I do eat, it is one “Thin Addictives” package with an 8 oz glass of skim milk. (approximately 190 calories. I am only human, so I may backslide and have ice cream, popcorn or chips once or twice a month!

I have found the Y is about “you.” In March 2018, it will be three years since I came to the Y. In that time, I have lost approximately 40 pounds and gone from a tight 42” waist to a size 38” waist. My physical strength has improved and I have gone from a low level ability to a top level ability in my age group. You may ask what my age is now? I will be 75 this coming April (2018). Now I have a little discomfort/pain on a bad day compared to a lot of pain in 2015.

At the Y you meet, socialize and make new friends with the same goals as yours. I am not trying to become a serious athlete. I just want to be able to stay active and do what I want to do during the day. This year I was able to go to “Edge Adventure Park” in South Bend with my grandchildren. I was 30 feet up into the trees using my balance, physical strength and zip-lining. I was able to take down a playset, move it 200 feet and then repair and rebuild it screw by screw, board by board. Not only was I able to do the physical work, but it gave me a chance to work and bond with my children. I was able to work in the garden to plant, weed, harvest, share, can and preserve what God has given. I am able to volunteer at the church, credit union and the Y when called upon.

I cannot thank the many YMCA staff and new Y friends enough for their help and encouragement. It may seem like a lot of work for good health, at least an hour a day, but it has been worth every minute. Everyone is different, so come to the Y. See what you can do for yourself at the La Porte YMCA."

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