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Chesterton Physical Therapy Provides Relief at "Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop"

Almost everyone has suffered from back pain at one point or another. In fact, studies have estimated that at least 80% of the U.S. population will face some form of back pain this year. Fortunately, Chesterton Physical Therapy is available to help treat and cure this stubborn ailment!

Many people seek out back relief from professionals every year, but very rarely do these treatments lead to long-term results. Part of the reason for this is that oftentimes the treatments only address the pain symptoms rather than the root cause of the pain. Chesterton Physical Therapy understands this dilemma and has dedicated its efforts towards educating the public and adopting treatment practices that keep the future in mind.

In order to do this, first appointments are structured in a way that really attempts to discover the underlying issue. From patient interviews and in-depth physical examinations, to full consideration of the patient’s goals and expectations, the therapists at Chesterton Physical Therapy start a long-term, patient-centered treatment plan from the beginning.

From there, steps will be taken to relieve the pain, restore normal mobility and flexibility, and strengthen the surrounding supportive muscle, respectively. The treatment is not complete until the patient can resume everyday activities once again. Chesterton Physical Therapy ultimately seeks to perform treatment that avoids injections or surgery, though if certain red flags arise during treatment, then a surgical option can be considered. Nevertheless, Chesterton Physical Therapy has seen proven results in helping ease everyday back pain with their regimen.

While achieving lasting results through an outstanding therapy program sounds incredible, physical therapy can be expensive. However, the wonderful people at Chesterton Physical Therapy know that pain relief shouldn’t come at a high price point.

To help spread the knowledge and treat more patients, Dr. Dimple Singh is offering a free “Low Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop” to help educate others on the routine treatment mistakes people make, the most common types of back pain, and the self-treatments that can lead to lasting results. The class will be held on Saturday, May 12th and is open to anyone who is seeking back pain relief!

To learn more about Chesterton Physical Therapy and to register for the workshop, visit their website.


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