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Tips for Making an Easier Transition for Your Loved One from Home to a Senior Living Community

Tips-for-MovingGet a floor plan from the community so your loved one can picture their new space, and figure out how to furnish and decorate it. This will give them some much-needed control over the move.

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"Maude’s Two-Minute Meddlings" Videos Aim to Keep Seniors Safe and Healthy

Meddling-MaudeTo kick off the holiday season, Emeritus Senior Living has launched a video series that provides valuable tips and information to help seniors – and those who love and care for them – lead safer and healthier lives.

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Getting Through Flu Season

VaccinesThe timing and severity with which influenza strikes can vary each year, but it’s known to begin as early as September and continue until May. In the United States, flu usually peaks in January or February. Below are some clear tips to help you steer clear of flu this season.

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Post Hospital Care After Pneumonia

Post-Hospital-PneumoniaEven though pneumonia is a serious illness for most individuals contracting the disease, it can often be successfully treated at home. Seniors, however, or more specifically, those with compromised immune systems or other health issues, may require hospitalization. Because pneumonia causes fluid to be collected in the lungs as well as inflammation, seniors can experience difficulty in breathing. High fever and rapid heart rate often accompany the symptoms of pneumonia along with a cough and rapid, labored breathing.

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Hospital to Home: The Importance of Transitional Care

Importance-Of-Transitional-CareAfter a long or even a short hospital stay, anyone appreciates the value of sleeping in one’s own bed. No one to wake you during the night, no more pokes, prods or beeps and buzzes. Just you – snuggled up under your own covers within the familiar sights and smells of home.

As wonderful as that sounds, there are a few things to consider regarding transitioning from a hospital back into the home. For many seniors, this process may be complicated depending on their circumstances.

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The Battle of the Blood Sugar

Battle-of-Blood-Sugar-1Improve your life by reducing your risk for diabetes

If current trends continue, one of every three American adults will have diabetes by 2050, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet there's a lot we can do to reduce these numbers, said Zeba Ali, MD, Family Medicine Physician with Portage Medical Group.

Ali sees cases of diabetes and prediabetes each day and offers the following critical information about how to reduce your risk.

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Porter Health System Offers New Travel Benefits to Senior Circle Members

Senior_Circle_Logo_porterPorter Health System’s Senior Circle program offers a generous menu of activities and benefits designed to improve the quality of life of adults age 50 and better. The programming encourages friendships, offers health-related education local discounts, in-hospital privileges and now, group travel opportunities to its members. Beginning this spring, Senior Circle members have the opportunity to enjoy the following get-a-way opportunities:

  • Jersey Boys & Lunch at Lawry’s: The Prime Rib Restaurant. This one-day trip is set for Wednesday, May 23 and includes a motor coach ride to Chicago, lunch at Lawry’s, then to the Bank of America Theatre...

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Know The 10 Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

AlzheimersAssociationLearn the difference between age-related memory loss and Alzheimer’s, as well as the 10 Warning Signs. This program also tells you what to do if you or someone you know has signs of the disease. You will view video footage of real people who are living with the early stages of dementia and see how their families are addressing fears and myths associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Pre-registration requested, but not required.

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Stroke: Time Matters So Know the Signs

Stroke-Time-Matters-1From the Fall 2011 Senior Circle publication

Stroke – a brain attack – is America’s third leading cause of death and a top cause of serious disability. Yet quick treatment can mean survival and recovery, according to Maria Stamp, MD, with Porter’s Lake Porter Medical Group. “There are treatments available, but they’re only available in the first few hours of a stroke,” said Stamp. “Time is critical. Your chances of recovering well may depend on your timing.”

Stamp advises to look for the following signs:

Wondering? Questions About Healthy Aging: Urinary Incontinence

Questions-Healthy-Aging-Urinary-Incont-2From the 2011 Fall Senior Circle publication

Q: I’m so embarrassed. Sometimes I have to go and can hardly make it to the bathroom without peeing my pants. What can I do?

A: “I see many patients with this same complaint,” said Namir Shaba, DO, urologist with Lakeshore Urology. “Just because this is common, people shouldn’t accept it as a natural process of aging.” Shaba explains that this form of incontinence could be due to many causes, including an infection, overactive bladder, cystocele (a...

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Answers to Guide Your Knee Needs

Senior-Circle-Knee-Needs-1From the 2011 Fall Senior Circle publication

According to the American Hospital Association, we will see a sharp increase in the number of knee replacement surgeries as Baby Boomers age and enjoy their later years.

So to learn more about the types of knee replacements options offered today, we sat down with Orthopedic Surgeon Bruce Thoma, MD, for a brief interview.

Q: What’s the difference between a partial and total knee replacement?

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