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Meet Dr. Aran of NWI Nephrology!

NWI Nephrology recently welcomed a new face to their Valparaiso practice. Dr. Aravindhan Arumugarajah, or Dr. Aran, found his way to Northwest Indiana just recently, making the move from his home state of Pennsylvania.

After attending Penn State and the Philadelphia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Aran moved to the Region thanks to his desire to be near a large city. As a newcomer to the field, Dr. Aran is thrilled to bring his knowledge and excitement for nephrology to Northwest Indiana.

“I just want to help people,” Dr. Aran said. “When I reflect on it, it is a calling. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. My father is a physician...I feel like his advice had an impact on people’s lives and I always respected that.”

Dr. Aran’s interests lie in a unique field of medicine which enables him to help people who are facing kidney problems. Dr. Aran remains constantly fascinated by internal medicine and the workings of the human body, including the ways that the more mundane tasks, such as regulating blood pressure and electrolytes, can affect so much more than just the heart or kidneys.

“I like that nephrology encompasses so many aspects of medicine,” Dr. Aran said. “To me it’s fascinating the way it can affect so many things in your body.”

While his free time is currently tied up with studying for board exams and working at hospitals in the region to help build his client base, Dr. Aran hasn’t come up short when learning more about the area.

“I do like that people love where they come from. I like that people love all four seasons here and I like that everyone is active. There’s a great mix of tourism but also a homey feel,” Dr. Aran said.

Dr. Aran was also more than happy to share what he loves so much about NWI Nephrology, aside from the opportunity to work in a field he loves.

“I like the fact that they respect the work life balance. They love what they do, they are good at what they do and aren’t afraid to work, but they know how to balance that with their lives,” he said.

NWI Nephrology has found itself another capable, compassionate practitioner in Dr. Aran. Pennsylvania may be where he began, but he’s sure to find a promising future here in the Region!

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