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About us

We Connect is an Employer Resource Network ®, collaborative La Porte community partnership that aims to help employers engage, empower and retain employees, helping to prevent employee turnover and spur business growth. The ultimate goal of We Connect is to empower employees with the necessary resources to improve their lives. Led by Tom and Jackie Dermody, La Porte area business owners for over twenty years and Courtney Parthun, a La Porte area human resources and management leader for over fifteen years, the We Connect team has a deep understanding of the issues employers face in helping their employees thrive, both personally and professionally. Employee instability eventually leads to employer instability. Therefore, We Connect aims to directly address employer training and development needs by offering La Porte area employees a comprehensive hub of community resources, services and support, including onsite success coaching, career training and professional development to address employees' unique needs and challenges.

What are ERNs?

The Employer Resource Network ®(ERN) is an innovative employer-based model that pulls together a consortium of small to mid-sized businesses to provide job retention services, work supports, and training opportunities (such as financial literacy) for employees, many of whom need to access community resources.

What is a Success Coach?

The onsite Success Coach is a confidential resource that employees can access on a predictable, ongoing basis. Success Coaches serve as a direct conduit to community resources & services that provide fast relief for many issues that employees face, including reliable transportation, workplace conflict, childcare, housing challenges, family challenges, etc.

The ERN model has been active for 20+ years beginning in Michigan and moving throughout the nation (Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, Indiana, Michigan and beyond).

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